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Exploration Yoga
April 25th @ 6:00pm
J&H Outdoors

Explore the hidden corners of your mind + body through balance, strength, flexibility, and stillness. This one-hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga class is open to yoga practitioners of all levels. Please bring your own mat if you have one; a few extras will be available.

Check out the event page at jhoutdoors.com

Red River Gorge Women’s Hike
April 14th @ 10:00pm

In partnership with Women of the Red River Gorge, we are excited to get together with other outdoor-minded women and explore the wonderful Eastern Kentucky Wilderness.

Interested hikers please meet at the Slade Rest Area (just off exit 33 from the Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway) at 10:00am on Sunday, April 14th to join in on the hike!

To vote on the hiking trail, please visit @WomenoftheRRG on Instagram and participate in our poll. For questions, please DM @WomenoftheRRG or contact Colleen at swelllifelex@gmail.com.

Mental Strategies for Performers
May 18th @ 11:15am
Musician’s Wellness Day at the Plantory

This class will explore the mental aspect of performing, challenges musicians or other performers might face, and a series of techniques to best prepare for any scenario.  Topics will include developing awareness, preparedness, visualization, overcoming pre-performance anxiety, how to approach obstacles, and how to develop a winning mindset.  Developing a strong mental foundation, not only as a musician, but also in the workplace or in high-stress situations, will help take your performance to the next level.

Register for the event at www.thesoundmusician.com


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